Looking for commercial-grade CAD design software you can depend on for smooth sailing from design through manufacturing? How about a free CAD design software with features, not fluff?

Look no further — PCB123 is the only CAD design software that ensures a smooth transition from design through manufacturing, and it's absolutely free.

JUST RELEASED: By integrating Sunstone's new OneQuote functionality, Version 5.5 has taken the user experience to a whole new level. PCB123 v5.5 gives you, the designer, new manufacturing capabilities to make you even more efficient - ultimately saving time and money.

PCB123 from Sunstone Circuits
  • Enhanced User controls (Faster rendering, smoother drag and drop, more zoom control, unified control panels) *NEW
  • Unrestricted Drill Sizes on your PCB123 orders
  • Slots and Cutouts available on boards and in parts definitions
  • Save time with 750k+ fully-defined, qualified parts
  • Keep layout, schematic, and BOM in-sync and up-to-date, automatically
  • Quote in real-time and order from within the application
  • Integrated schematic and layout views
  • Be confident in manufacturability with built-in DFM, DRC, and parts availability
  • View all features
  • PCB123EULA



All CAD design software is not created equal. Compare our free CAD design software, PCB123, to the leading competitors and you'll see it's the best value on the market.

  • PCB123
  • Eagle
  • Altium
  • OrCad

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  1. Automatic, on-the-fly, real-time, no additional steps.
  2. Requires manual synchronization step between layout and schematic via netlist.
  3. Software does not ship with pre-defined content; users may develop their own.
  4. Vendor website claims your Gerbers are free after first order "for a limited time."
  5. Parts list report, not usually acceptable as a proper BOM.
  6. Available in schematic tool only as an add-on from Value Added Reseller, not from tool OEM.


"The improved Parts and Display panels in the new version are really good.  This is a nice improvement in PCB123.  Also, being able to see the symbol/footprint of a part is a great feature.  On the Display, being able to center on the location of the board by d-clicking is huge!  The User Preferences options that have been added to the Edit Panel are intuitive and work well."  

– PCB123 User, Adam Andrade, Qualcomm Inc.